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7 Tips to a Hassle-Free Heavy Hauling

Things to Keep in Mind When Considering an Industrial Trash Hauling Company

With a growing number of companies offering hauling services, looking for the best can be a bit baffling, especially if you are not well informed. The one common objective of every industrial trash hauling service provider is that they make money by hauling as much as possible by doing it efficiently. Many trucking companies are alike, but when it comes down to the important things, they may vary greatly.

Here are 7 tips for you to make your heavy shipment hassle-free as possible:

  1. Know your dimensions. Width, height, length, and weight—these attributes will dictate the type of permits needed for the shipment of over-dimensional loads. A few inch difference may result in a change of route, permit, and cost. Once the carrier has requested a permit for certain criteria, if the dimensions or weight are subsequently changed, the carrier will need to reapply for another permit at the shipper’s cost.

  1. Know how you’re going to put your load on the truck. Do you need to hire a crane? A large forklift? On both ends: a pickup and delivery vehicle?

  1. Anticipate special requirements. Do you need bracing, tie-down points, flags? If the load is fragile, how will you strap it down to the truck?

  1. Plan ahead. Give yourself lots of time (weeks or even months) to get organized, to get all permits, and give the carrier time for all arrangements.

  1. Trucking company takes care of permits. In most cases, once contracted, the carrier will take care of requesting permits and include them in the shipping cost. Confirm that this is the case with your particular mover.

  1. Hire a reliable and experienced carrier, broker or online freight company that can assist you to find the right industrial trash hauling company. Ask lots of questions, ask for references, pictures and any evidence that the carrier is experienced in organizing and handling these types of heavy haul before. Research about them online to make sure there are no claims against them and that they have the right insurance. The way they respond will tell a lot about the service you’ll get along the road.

  1. Be prepared for the unexpected. There will often be something unexpected. Even with the best planning and preparation, there may be unexpected hurdles, such as additional escort services or permits.

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