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Frequently Asked Questions


When you are going through a major home renovation or you just want to get rid of old and discarded items, using a reliable local garbage service is a smart decision. Old piles of junk are not just unsightly, they can attract pests or cause accidents and injuries. Whenever you need to eliminate any outdated pieces of furniture, appliances, or other household items, Junk Daddy is at your service! We have been serving the community in Round Rock, TX for a long time and take pride in our countless clients.

  • What kinds of garbage do you remove more specifically? We are not limited to their number or size. We have the right equipment and trucks to haul old mattresses, large furniture, TV sets, kitchen appliances, etc. Effective waste management is our power! Along with timely trash disposal, we also offer garage, yard, and any other area cleanout.

  • Are there any materials or products you are not allowed to haul? Yes, there is some stuff we cannot take if they present a direct threat to our team or the environment. Car/truck/SUV batteries, explosives, guns, fertilizers, toxic paints, chemicals, and more are typical examples.

  • How much do you charge for your services? When we arrive on the spot to inspect the area, our workers will provide you with a free quote. If you feel comfortable with the final cost, we will begin the job right away. After everything is done, we will do the necessary cleanup. But you don’t have to worry, you can avail of our special offers and discounts.

  • What do I have to do before you arrive? Do you do the whole loading? If possible, just clear the area of any obstacles and objects that might stand in the way. Providing our team clean paths will help us get the job done swiftly. Yes, we do the load.

  • Can I dispose of my garbage myself? Yes, you can. But we give a helping hand to all our customers in Round Rock, TX for removing large and heavy furniture pieces, appliances, and other items.

  • Can I see some pictures to get an idea of your work? Naturally! Junk Daddy is a proficient junk removal company with a proven track record. Just go on our website to see many photos.

  • When will you collect my trash? Trash hauling is organized in strict order and by appointment only. So, once you call our staff, we will arrange that in an appropriate time for you.

  • Do you handle really heavy objects? Whatever we cannot remove by hand, we use modern equipment. So, yes, you can hire our team even for removing pianos, fitness equipment, construction debris, trampolines, bathtubs, hot tubs, and swing sets.

  • I have wasp nests near my garbage area. What should I do? Wasps love your garbage. In order to avoid incidents, we suggest you to keep the area as clean as possible. Make sure the bags are tied up and the containers have lids. In addition, you can call the local extermination company to tackle those nests. For any more questions, call your trusted garbage removal provider at (512) 359-7665!