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Are you cleaning up your basement? As you stare at the massive piles of broken appliances, and old furniture piling up in your lawn or storage area, do you feel like keeping these things is weighing you down? Keeping things that you no longer need or are no longer useful can is not advisable as this prevents you from using up your storage space for more useful things. So make sure that you remove all the junk in your home periodically. Since junk removal can be tiring and back-breaking if you are disposing of heavy furniture, it is best to hire a junk removal company to do it for you.

Junk Removal in Round Rock, TX

Professional Junk Removal in Round Rock, TX

In Round Rock, TX, Junk Daddy is the junk removal company that many homeowners trust. Our company promises excellent junk removal services to our clients.


We can transport junk anywhere within the locality.

It doesn’t matter if your aim is to get rid of the junk or to get a few bucks by having it salvaged. We are here to make things easier for you. If you decide to dispose of your junk or not, we are ready to transport it to any destination that is within or nearby Round Rock, TX.


We use an efficient junk removal method.

Our seasoned haulers have the know-how in hauling junk without causing damage to your property. We also use the right equipment in hauling to make sure that your property won’t get damaged during the process. For instance, we will avoid dragging heavy furniture as that can scratch the surface of your floors. In the same way, we will also employ safe hauling methods to ensure that your landscape will remain intact during the junk removal process.

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So if you are searching for a junk removal company in Round Rock, TX, turn to Junk Daddy. You may book our services now by dialing (512) 359-7665. Call us and we will take care of all that junk accumulating in your home!