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Do you have trouble walking an entire block just to deposit your trash at the nearest trash pick-up spots in your neighborhood? If so, that’s totally understandable. You won’t have to wake up early in the morning just to take out the trash. You can always make things easier for yourself by booking the service of a trash hauling contractor.

Trash Hauling in Round Rock, TX

Professional Trash Hauling in Round Rock, TX


Based in Round Rock, TX, Junk Daddy is the trash hauling and junk removal company that many residents in the area turn to for their hauling needs. We always strive to deliver excellent service each time we are hired. So you can expect from us efficiency and promptness.


Fuss-Free Trash Pick-Up

We understand how rancid garbage can be and we don’t want you to spoil your mood for the day by smelling it. Our staff can handle the removal of all your trash from your garbage cans while you can go on with your daily household chores and routines. After, we will also clean up your trash containers before leaving to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and contaminants which can reduce the quality of air that you inhale in your home.


Convenient Pick-Up Time

Since we understand that your schedule may be full, we can always pick up your trash any time that is convenient for you. If it works for you, you can leave it outside of your door for us to pick up. Let us make time arrangements that are most convenient for you. For instance, if you live in an apartment with a security personnel, you can instruct that person to supervise our staff when removing trash from your place.

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Whether you want a daily or weekly trash hauling service in Round Rock, TX, Junk Daddy is the right one for the job. Book our service now by calling (512) 359-7665. Feel free to ask questions and request price estimates.